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Hosaeng Kang Solo Exhibition :: Painting
  Hosaeng Kang Solo Exhibition :: Painting
Artist        ▶ Hosaeng Kang
Period      ▶ 2011. 10. 05 ~ 2011. 10. 10 
Opening   ▶ 10:00 ~ Close 19:00
INSA ART CENTER : 188 Kwnhun-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul-si
T. 02-736-1020 / www.insaartcenter.com 

light and History of Time 2011018
Fabric, Indian ink

"Vitality-The history of light and time on water ink "
Hosaeng Kang

   From the time unknown pictures have been changed to be uniform. How this kind of artistic climate is made that the simplest uniformity prevails among extreme diversities. It cannot be denied that paradox and irony must be mixed repeatedly, however why the scream for diversities is sinking into simplicities in a poor manner.

light and History of Time 2011007
Fabric, Indian ink

   Today's worldly artistic climate suffers from epidemic hemorrhagic fever that lost self-respect. The repeated results of ignorance that who should be ahead is not you but I are on the strong current of enthusiasm to become an unrivaled star being swallowed by a huge black hole from which nothing can escape. Perhaps this is my portrait. Otherwise it might be the portraits of the artists living on the earth. What is "I know myself."? and what is the knowing? As they know that it is empty when nomads have continuity, they wish to escape from the emptiness soon. Animals are good at compromising in nature. A man who has the nature of an animal cannot escape from it, and he is willing to compromise without being aware of it. All of these results are that illusive pursuit of diversity eventually produced uniform simplicity. At this moment we have an inquiring mind to reconfirm the existence. Let us go backward. That of history, that of diversity, that of a star, that of art and that of philosophy and so on have been repeated actually till now from the generation before. We cannot say definitely that it has been improved. Just the paradoxes that reflect the ages have been continued, and time intervened in between only.

 light and History of Time 2011001
 Fabric, Indian ink

   Since I coexist with the time of this continuity, I often enjoy the license that follows the liberty of irresponsibility. If I had no liberty of license, I would be excluded from the reasons that I take brushes. The plays in the license reproduce me repeatedly.
  The source that produces me is water ink. From now on I will tell about my source. Painting pictures is not limited simply to the painting only; it is to study the limit of materials to be painted. If one does not know the special features of the materials, he must be far from his wish to depict. He must know the properties of all kinds of paper, the kinds and features of brushes, the advantages and disadvantages of water ink and even the material of ink stones. Even with the same water ink the color, weight and temperature and so on are different when different ink stones are used. In particular the restriction of the extraordinary variations in the movement of brushes is beyond description. All these are the area where they are not accessible without intuitive sensitivity and extrasensory techniques; the amount of ink and water, the speed of brush movement, power and flexibility, the balance in tones between parts and the time difference in materials. There are people who sympathize with this area, but most people remain in the stage of understanding this world. Here I meet something that is called absolute loneliness.
  The form of this work piece is the result of what I have tried since 1982. The history of time, flow, the movement trajectory of water drops, the flow of time, the shapes and traces of water drops that change with time, the shapes of each water drop and other shapes are alive as if they tell stories. It produces an effect of tremendous ambiguity and aura with blurred and unclear water ink in describing clean, bright and transparent water drops; and it has the unique taste of Oriental paintings, where colors are absorbed prior to development, in which man can see the deep, heavy and mysterious effect of water ink, while colors are developed right on the surface of canvas in Western paintings. Here I revise the chances to necessities again, and do the job of making complementary relationship between chances and necessities that cannot be separated. Like this the background of human body, the water drops and other images express the vitality that contains light and time.