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Hosaeng Kang's pleasant picnic
  Kwangsup Byun, Hosaeng Kang and Daeki Hong's Exhibition
‘Pleasant picnic’ Introducing history, culture and tourist resources
of Choongbuk through writings, paintings and photos

  (Asia News Communication=Reporter Inyoung Lee) Date: 15 hour 41 minute on February 18, 2012
    'Pleasant picnic' (photo provider; Cheongjoo City Korea Craft House) introducing 40 historical and cultural spaces in Choongbuk in the form of story telling Korea Craft House in Cheongjoo City of Choongbuk announced that the exhibition 'Pleasant picnic' is going to be held from the 26th day of this month through the 4th day of next month and in this exhibition Choongbuk's history, culture and tourist resources can be viewed at a glance through writings, paintings and photos.

  The exhibition 'Pleasant picnic' will be an unusual one introducing 40 historical and cultural spaces in Choongbuk in the form of story telling, and it has been prepared by three men; Mr. Kwangsup Byun, an essayist and culture planner (the manager in charge of planning Craft Biennale); Hosaeng Kang, an artist and president of Choongbuk Art Association; Daeki Hong, a photographer (Team leader of publicity in Saint Mary Hospital). For each theme Choongbuk's cultural values will be introduced through writings, paintings and photos, and through it people will be guided to a new artistic world.
  For Cheongjoo area 17 spaces will be introduced; Heungduksaji, Sangdang Fortress, Seongan-kil, Central Park, Sooam Valley, Moosim Creek, National Cheongjoo Museum, Woonbo's House, Chojeong Mineral Spring, Nangsung Kwiraeri, Midongsan Arboretum, Kaduk, Daecheong Lake, Beolat Village, Booyong Riverside Road, Ochang, Osong. For southern area 9 spaces will be introduced: Yeongdong Youngkook Temple, Moolhan Valley, Hyangsoo-30-Ri, Sun, Byung-kook's house, Byupjoo Temple, Sanmaki Old Road, Hwayang Valley, Kongrim Temple and Jeongpyong Market.
  For northern area 13 spaces will be introduced; Bell Museum, Duksan, Nongdari, Jincheon Craft Village, Sooreuisan Recreation Forest, Joongwon Mireukrisaji and Haneuljae, Central Tower, Bangkok Pottery Village, Kooin Temple, Euirim Lake and Pakdaljae.
  A man from Korea Craft House said "This exhibition stresses the beauty of Choongbuk through writings, paintings and photos" and "The essayist Mr. Kwangsup Byun tells stories on history, culture, ecology and people; The artist Mr. Hosaeng Kang joyfully depicts every corners of the province with light touch of brushes and water ink paintings; the photographer Mr. Daeki Hong depicts new life from great nature's source with his cameras. The 'Pleasant picnic' will be published in a book and be displayed at the exhibition room on the third floor of Korea Craft House at 3:00 pm on this 26th day.